Garmin S6 Review

Garmin were among the first or GPS technology along with the GPS watch of sixth generation, the Garmin S6 has all the functionality of the Garmin S5, but with some extra features to assist you find your way as well as improve the swing. We’re going to look over these features in this Garmin S6 review.

Take the Garmin S6 out of the box you will notice how light it is, weighing only 47 grams (1.6oz). Mix with the flexible strap made of rubber, it’s one GPS watch you will not feel you are wearing it.

It has a good large 1 inch (2.5cm) round face on a deep body which is going to appear chunky next to a lot of watches, but is about balance for a GPS watch. Although the styling may fit on course wear, I’m not sure regarding the size, as it doesn’t slip on a sleeve that easy.

However the primary reason for these kinds of watches is measuring distance and for sure the Garmin S6 will locate the course you are on very fastly and from there you will get the middle, back and front distances to the green revealed in large numbers very clearly on the screen.

Just like the previous Garmin GPS watches, the Garmin S6 features a mixture of touch screen and buttons to navigate around the gadget. This is responsive as well as touching the bottom or top of the screen scrolls down or up the holes.

When you touch on the right, it provides you with the distances to lay up to 250, 200, 150 or 100 yards, which is a great feature, even though being able to set your personal lay-up distances would be amazing.

Touch the right one more time and you have one of the new features known as the Pin Pointer. This offers you the distance and direction to the centre of the green and is suitable for when you are unable to see the flag as your view is blocked out for any reason.

When you push on the bottom left button brings up what could be generously known as a map of the hole, yet in reality, is a bit small to be of any use.

You can even drag around on the hole view the lay up distance marker or drag around the flag on the green view, however, if you use the finger you cannot see where you move it as well, so if you really have this function I will go for a larger screen GPS instead of a watch.

The Garmin S6 comes along with a USB charging cradle which clicks on the back of the watch into place. There is no any mains adapter, however I am sure by right now a lot of us have one of these already or a PC to plug the cable into.

Making use of a computer will also allow you to update the gadget and upload scores straight to the Garmin Express site where you try to manage the account online.

With the Garmin S6 connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth, you will be able to receive notifications for texts, calls and emails on the watch. Some messages will be read on the watch and it’s a quite cool feature if you do not want to miss any important messages once you are playing.

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